Why Video Marketing Strategy Is Crucial For Your Business

person recording video marketing videos

Various socio-economic factors influence the way people want to have the content to be delivered to them

Marketers learned that lately in order for their product to be more desired and conversions to be boosted videos must be widely implemented. Actually, videos became a valuable part of any smart marketing campaign. Some numbers provided by Wyzowl might prove the point.

87% of video marketers state that the traffic to their website increased.
89% of marketers love videos for their ability to improve ROI levels
84% of marketers generated more leads.

Here comes the consumers’ perspective

66% of people go for watching a video about a product or service rather than reading about it.
84% of consumers confirm that they have been convinced to buy or order exactly after watching a video.

Therefore, if this is still not convincing enough to start using videos for your marketing plan, then let’s look at more solid reasons for doing so.

Increased engagement

It’s been established that lately, users seek video content and when they find the one that exactly suits their needs, you, as a marketer, are likely to start gaining a loyal audience that will eventually want to visit your website and learn about your business even more, notwithstanding the reading content as well. Videos catch attention and entice people into further action. Just play your video card right.

You need your video to be appealing to the eye and the ear of your customer. Do not feel overwhelmed if making videos for you is such an unheard-of skill. In the initial stages of video making, you might benefit from using free online graphic design software that is able to provide you with various options for making a high-quality video.

Profit growth

Increased engagement results in boosted conversions, frequent sales, and higher ROI levels. This is as easy as it can only be. If you feel that your marketing campaigns no longer bring the expected profit in terms of the goals you set, then there is a chance you have not started using video potential for your business growth.

If the video you provide for the audience fully completes its mission ( presents a product, explains how to use, announces about changes and their consequences, etc), and the user sees what he/she aimed at seeing, then you get people to follow you further and leave the decision stages in favor of purchasing one much faster.

Videos nurture trust

Deciding on buying something online makes people wonder about how trustworthy the brand is and whether they are going to get the quality they were promised to. We, as consumers, love tangible stuff and when we can’t touch, smell, try, or any other kind of pre-buying experience, we might feel a bit concerned and quite indecisive. An indecisive audience rarely proceeds with an action.

The business you run may suffer a lot from such a state of events. Videos can show literally everything that people want to know about the product, even the quality of the material it is going to be wrapped in. Moreover, videos may show other real consumers, who have already interacted with your brand and are ready to share their rave reviews, attracting others who are not sure to finally try for themselves.

Convenience for mobile users

People are on their phones all the time. Definitely your target audience is not much different. According to YouTube statistics, more than 70% of all YouTube watching is done through mobile devices.

This not only pertains to YouTube. BankMyCell states that 99% of social media users reach their accounts through mobile devices. This means Facebook, TikTok, Instagram videos are going to be consumed the same way.

Video content gets through the user easier and lets the message reach the recipient faster with a more productive outcome. Commuting to work in a crowded sub will not spare a chance for a high-quality reading with a never-shaking focus, but watching a video in your earphones will have the information appropriately delivered.


Once, it was believed that with the rise of cinema, no one will ever turn to books for entertainment anymore. Yet that has never happened. People still choose various ways to spend their leisure time.

Exactly the same thing is observed with marketing. You should never rely on one technique solely when trying to promote your brand.

Everything works in a balance. Planning your next marketing campaign, make sure to include various marketing strategies, relying of course on the knowledge of your target clientele segment.

The more versatile the range of how you reach out to your audience and place the product on the map of desired stuff, the more chances for the product to be noticed and recognized.

Just, do not ignore video as part of an excellent marketing plan, since it is indeed warmly welcomed by the customers and businesses themselves.

This article was originally posted on Robotics And Automation.