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Arbona je specijalizovana digitalna agencija i „Google AdWords“ sertifikovani partner sa velikim iskustvom u planiranju i implementaciji internetskih kampanja. U našem timu se nalaze stručnjaci sa „Google AdWords“ sertifikatima (pretraživačka mreža, prikazivačka mreža, analiza i izveštavanje). Google-ovi smo partneri i jedna od malobrojnih firmi sa „Google Analytics“ sertifikovanim stručnjacima u regionu. Među prvima u regionu […]

NBG Creator

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Kvalitetan online nastup podrazumeva primenu različitih tehnika digitalnog marketinga, u skladu sa delatnošću, kao i ciljne grupe određenog biznisa. Digitalni marketing započinje poslovima istraživanja online tržišta koje uključuje otkrivanje snage i prisutnosti konkurencije. Nakon toga, u zavisnosti od izdvojenog odnosno planiranog budžeta i ciljanog tržišta, pravi se strateški plan koji podrazumeva primenu različitih tehnika digitalnog […]

Crater Studio

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Crater Studio is a full service studio dedicated to the art of digital visual effects for film and television. Established in 2005, Crater Studio delivers best quality production thanks to the team of talented professionals, experienced in close work with directors and producers on a range of projects: feature films, music videos, commercials and animations. […]

Dart Film

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Dart film was founded in 2006 by Vladimir Vidic and Natasa Damnjanovic. Since then it has managed to find its’ place in the expanding field of Serbian film production by independently producing a number of short and feature films. The company is focused on working with emerging talented filmmakers of the younger generation, producing their short […]


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SheFilms is a creatively driven production house based in Belgrade, Serbia. She aspires to work with clients from all over the world and create innovative video material for the global market. She believes it to be possible through exceptional creativity and hard work. Even though She has just started, She has been established with the […]

Kroon Studio

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Kroon studio is a UI/UX and development agency in Belgrade. We strive for excellence, withing design and development, helping companies optimize their product full-lifecycle. From Design Sprint to Digital Experience, we are getting your product market-ready. Our proven project management process fully embraces an agile approach to product management that supports the development process through its […]


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Company in 5 years old with less than 10 employees. The co-founder is Radisav Mladenovic who has around 10 yrs experience in business in Bay Area, California. Teamwork, support, understanding, progress, dedication, innovation are part of our daily activities. We are very happy with the team and we are trying to always help people using […]

Full Frame

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Full Frame is freshly established studio with experienced professionals, based in Belgrade, Serbia. Core of our business is complete video production for corporative films and videos. But we also offer a wide range of special professional services. We gather professional from of video production, advertising, photography, film, animation and web developing etc. Our dedicated team […]

Cyber: Few Good Men

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Cyber is a production company based in Belgrade, Serbia, established in January 1996 by Srdjan Radojkovic, director and Vuk Marjanovic, producer. We offer our clients a full range of production services: casting the local and international talent, location scouting and permits obtaining, both locally and in the region, artwork development, production management, full  range of […]

Cinnamon Films

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At the end of 2016, in Belgrade, after more than 20 years of working successfully for Serbian television stations, a group of friends and long-time co-workers decided to unite their creativity and experience in a studio they named Cinnamon Films. Primary activity of this studio is film and video production of documentary and featured programs, […]