Online Press Ltd.


Online Press Ltd. (Internetsko novinarstvo d.o.o.) is a Croatian company founded in 2009 and specialized in PHP development and SEO.

We made tens of custom PHP projects (web applications, webshops, catalogs, advertising platforms, etc.) as well as almost hundred WordPress/Joomla/Drupal websites. From simple one page websites to online projects with thousands urls, from pure PHP to CodeIgniter or Laravel, from bought templates to custom html/css/js/jQuery frontends, from MySQL to MSSQL, on PLESK or cPanel – whatever it was we were trying always to follow our customers needs and turn their ideas into reality.

Beside PHP development our old passion is also Search Engine Optimization (SEO), some of us practiced in our previous journalist careers, as far as year 2003, making content production and optimization much before it became standard SEO practice.

Online Press Ltd.