Good Code


We’re an experienced team of passionate software developers, focusing on building innovative applications using state-of-the-art web technologies. Since founding in 2006., we’ve helped clients all over the world design, implement and maintain their business-critical applications.

With extensive project management expertise gained from our work on projects of all sizes, as well as product management experience from building our own products, we have the capacity to see the project through from the initial, rough idea to deploying it to production and maintenance throughout its lifetime.

Using agile methodologies for iterative development and having constant, direct and honest communication with all stakeholders, we ensure not only that we build the product right, but also that we build the right product.

We’re a small and tightly-knit team, with developers being independent and self-motivated but still having support when needed. We praise excellence, attention to detail, honest and clear communication, as well as mindfulness of time, budget and resource constraints.

Good Code