Crater Studio

Crater Studio is a full service studio dedicated to the art of digital visual effects for film and television. Established in 2005, Crater Studio delivers best quality production thanks to the team of talented professionals, experienced in close work with directors and producers on a range of projects: feature films, music videos, commercials and animations.
The company offers feature film visual effects and post production services. Specific services include: modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, rigging, animation, compositing, matte painting, set extension, FX, matchmoving, keying, rotoscoping, art directing and producing.
Crater Studio was established back in 2005, when a team of young and talented enthusiasts gathered to produce visual effects and animation sequences for feature film “Tears for Sale”. This project was not just a turning point for our studio but also for future work in Serbia in field of visual effects and animation. It was a unique experience that made us work even harder in order to further master our craft in this innovative and thriving industry.
Our love for film and visual effects and our astounded audiences, motivated us to step out of Serbian borders. Today with the same passion and commitment we are working on Hollywood productions with groundbreaking directors.
The magic of moving image inspires us on daily basis, and motivates us to work with the highest technical standards. Every project that we undertake, we approach it with dedication and professionalism, in order to be better and more successful than in the previous one. We believe that VFX industry is a field where constant learning is a must.
Inspired by the love for film and our country we have chosen to create in Serbia, with clear vision to stimulate development of VFX industry in this environment. Our dream is to place Serbia on the world map of VFX industry, making our talent, and professionalism recognizable.
We know that all stories from your dreams could be told by visual effects, let us help you tell your story.
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