4 AI Trends For 2022

robot with AI

In 2022, we can expect AI to expand its reach into robotic automation, better software for decision-making and a confrontation of the looming ethical issues, according to Sony experts. Three experts from Sony AI America recently discussed the future of artificial intelligence and what Sony sees coming in 2022. While some trends seem to be a natural […]

5 Essential Skills For Graphic Designers

Graphic Design on pc monitor

Graphic designers are hot in demand in today’s job market. Currently, the market size for global graphic designers stands at $41.8 billion. The versatility of graphic design has made it an essential tool for companies and organizations. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has stated that the employment of graphic designers in the computer system is predicted to increase […]

Is PHP Interpreter Still A Good Programming Language?

PHP Interpreter working on laptop

Hypertext Preprocessor, better known as PHP, is a programming language that has been around since 1994. With more than two decades of use and still going reasonably strong today, there’s no doubt that it has some advantages – but how exactly does it compare to some of the other coding languages that have come out […]

What UX Designers Can Learn From The Fashion Industry

person with fashion glasses

There are similarities between the fashion and tech industries, according to Code and Theory’s Obi Anazodo After graduating with a degree in menswear design, Obi Anazodo pursued a career in the fashion industry. Since then, he’s worked with New York’s premier apparel companies and retailers. With several years of research, design and customer experience under […]